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How long can the biomass pellets be stored?

Biomass pellets are formed by the chemical change of lignin in the raw material through the high-pressure extrusion of biomass pellet machine. The biomass pellet contains 75-85% of carbon content, 3-6% of ash and 1-3% of moisture content. It is a kind of clean and cost-effective fuel due to its small size, large density, high purity, large calorific value, easy to store and transport.

biomass pellet storage

Everything has certain storage period. Biomass pellets are packed by the plastic bag, paper bag or woven bag, which cannot be isolated from air. However, the air itself contains moisture, which would make the pellet loose. Thus, pellets have certain storage life, so how long can the biomass pellets be stored?

In fact, how long biomass pellets can be kept depends on the humidity of the environment. In the four seasons throughout the year, the air in spring and winter is relatively dry and the rainfall is very little, so the water content in the air is relatively small, and it doesn't need to worry about the moisture in these two seasons. But there are more rainy weather in summer and autumn that the moisture content of the air is high naturally and moistureproof work must be made in these two seasons. Due to the climate in the southern and northern, the moisture resistance and storage time of pellets also varies.

If the environmental humidity where the sawdust pellets are stored is less than 10%, they can be stored for 6 months and the storage time is different if it is more than 10% according to different humidity, generally 1-3 months. The storage amount of biomass pellets is generally determined by the actual usage. Storing the biomass pellets once a month is enough to use, so large amount of storage appears rarely.

Biomass pellet machine, just as its name implies, is the environmental protection mechanical equipment for production of biomass pellet fuel. The biomass pellet fuel is mainly used as a substitute for the combustion of coal...