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Is the cooling machine necessary for wood pellet mill production?

When customers call to consult the wood pellet mill, the salesman of wood pellet mill would ask the question: "In addition to the pellet machine equipment, do you still need a cooling machine?" Then, a lot of customers would ask what the cooling machine is used for? Below is an explanation to this problem.

wood pellet mill production

Since the wood pellet mill adopts die and roller extrusion for granulation, it would produce certain temperature, which is about 80 degrees in the process of granulation. We can imagine that if the pellets produced are packed directly, it will inevitably produce some moisture, which would lead to certain damage to the pellets. Thus, the pellets produced by wood pellet mill can not be packed directly, instead they need to be cooled first. But sometimes it is not necessary to use the cooling machine. Then, when does the cooling machine needed?

1. If the pellets produced by your wood pellet mill don't need to be packed, then there is no need to use the cooling machine.
2. If the output of your wood pellet mill is small, but the wood pellets produced still need to be packed, we have multiple choices. First, using the cooling machine would be great. Of course, if you want to save some cost on the cooling machine, you may lengthen the discharging belt and use industrial fans at both sides of the discharging belt for blowing on the pellets, and then use a mesh stock bin at the end of the discharge belt, which can also produce some cooling effect. Pay attention that this kind of situation must under the premise of small output of wood pellet mill. Of course, the production efficiency is much lower.
3. If the output of your wood pellet mill is large and the wood pellets produced also need to be packed, then it is recommended to use the cooling machine. Actually, the costs of artificial drying is much higher than the cooling machine. First, you need to have a large field, then you need at least two workers that you need to pay at least 60000 yuan every year as wages. However, the price of the cooling machine is not so high and can be used for many years. Another factor you need to consider is the problem of production efficiency. We all know that time is gold. The value of an efficient wood pellet mill production line creates is far more than the saving cost.


A large quantity of raw materials, such as wood, corn, alfalfa, corn husks, straw, grass clippings, yard waste, forest and agricultural wastes can be made into fuel pellets with wood pellet mill. In the following content, we would introduce how to make wood pellets from wood with wood pellet mill...