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Fast or slow discharging of pellets from pellet plant

Pellet plant is the special equipment used by farmers to produce feed or biomass pellet fuel. It is inevitable that the machine runs slowly with unpredictable problems after using for a long period of time. One of the most common problems is that the material discharging of pellet plant in the process of

pellet plant

production would be fast or slow, then the operator need to pay constant attention to the current meter. The feeding speed need to be adjusted if the operator found that the current is higher. When adjusting, don't feed too fast. If the current is low with good discharging of pellet, you can increase the feeding amount properly and pay attention to the ampere meter. Don not increase too fast, so as to avoid the feeding machine and the main engine from getting stuck (if the main engine gets stuck, don't start the machine so quick, instead you should turn off the feeding motor and open the cover of the main engine. Then, blow off the powder inside with air pressure gun, especially the material under the two rolls. Then, try to turn on the power supply of the main engine. If the motor is not running, turn off the power supply immediately. If the machine can not run still after repeating for several times, then loosen the clearance of the two rolls before turning on the power supply.
Note: the two rolls should be adjusted depending on the raw material. The clearance of the two rolls: 1. For pine wood, the rolls should be adjusted that they seem to turn; 2. The clearance between the two roller for other materials should be a little bit small.

The professionals of our company would offer solutions to your problems about biomass pellet machine and hope you pay attention to the details, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the equipment. If you have other problems, you can call in time for consultation.


The whole pellet plant is composed of the feeding system, mixing system, pelletizing system, transmission system and overload protection system. In the following content, we would explain it in detail for you...