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What factors may affect the production of biomass pellet machine?

Whether the production of biomass pellet machine can reach the standard is a concern for users to buy the equipment, because most of the vendors on the market do not have strict production standard. As far as we know, after buying a complete set of pellet machine product, many users only to find that there is big error on the output. Apart from the quality of biomass pellet machine, of course, there are many factors affecting the production of biomass pellet machine. They are summarized as follows.

biomass pellet machine

1. Improper model selection of biomass pellet machine
There are different models of biomass pellet machine, among which flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine are the most important and commonly used.
Flat die pellet machine is suitable for small and medium-sized raising households due to the features of economic, practical, less space occupation, easy operation, flexible moving, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. But it has low yield, short service life of roller and die, thus it is suitable for the production of complete diet pellets or pellet feed with with lower content of grass meal.
Ring die pellet machine can be divided into ordinary ring die pellet machine, grass meal biomass pellet machine and straw pellet machine. Ordinary ring die pellet machine should be used in ordinary pellet feed production that contains certain grass meal; grass meal biomass pellet machine should be used for pure grass meal or larger content grass meal; straw pellet machine should be used for pure straw granulating.
In the mode of use, the ring die pellet machine can be divided into steam type and non-steam type. Steam can soften the feed ahead, adjust (or regulate) the moisture content of raw material, increase the temperature, reduce the die wear, improve the quality of feed and increase the efficiency. The production effect would be greatly reduced if not use the steam with low yield and large wear of die.

2. Poor quality of die in biomass pellet machine
The die is the most important component part of the biomass pellet machine. It is equivalent to the heart of the human body. Thus, the die from the original factory (machine) or conform to the quality standard should be used. There are strict requirements in terms of material, hardness and compression ratio. Before using, the biomass, fine sand and engine oil should be mixed according to certain proportion to grind the die in a reasonable, patient and careful manner. After grinding for 30 minutes to an hour, you can start the production without stopping. Clearance between the roller and the ring die can't be too large or too small. Adding some grease in the raw material can also effectively increase the production and reduce the wear of die.

3. The degree of automation and structure don't match
Hand feeding and natural drying can be made for small tools. But the equipment (or unit) of complete sets of large biomass pellet mill must be collocated reasonably, completely and effectively. Auxiliary equipment like mechanical feeding, mixing, cooling, boiler and dust removing are indispensable.

4. Improper mechanical properties and inappropriate configuration relations
Low voltage, less function, narrow space, not enough steam pressure, frequent change of raw materials and additives, serious material residues, lacking of lubrication and fastening of transmission parts, etc. The performance and configuration relationship of each part must be mastered and operate according to the instructions.


Biomass pellet machine, just as its name implies, is the environmental protection mechanical equipment for production of biomass pellet fuel. The biomass pellet fuel is mainly used as a substitute for the combustion of coal...