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How to replace the die of sawdust pellet mill

It is well known that daily maintenance of mechanical equipment is indispensable, and the problems that need to notice in the daily maintenance of sawdust pellet mill are known from some knowledge of instruments for many companies. But how to deal with the damaged parts? For example, the ring die, which is the most important part of the pellet machine, relates to the production of the pellet plant. The structure of the device will be different, and the configuration determines how it works.

ring die of sawdust pellet mill
Anyway, how to replace the ring die when it is damaged? This problem is also very difficult to many enterprises and manufacturers, because there are a lot of similar equipment, but the principle of operation and configuration of the productive equipment is very difficult to solve. Actually, most of them are caused by the improper daily maintenance. If users can check the machine parts regularly, they can certainly find problems in time and the influence of even the smallest, but there will be many problems in the production of sawdust pellet mill.
Daily maintenance knowledge: after using the sawdust pellet mill and stopping the machine, manual cleaning is needed to remove the remaining powder in the material, which may have a big impact in the next production. Besides, preparation should be made before starting the machine every time. 
Inattention of these basic maintenance work may lead to irreparable situation. Although the equipment is not expensive, the repair for the damage is more troublesome. Therefore, in the daily production of pellet plant, we should try to keep the equipment work normally and inspect the machine frequently.


As an agricultural country, the output of crops straw in China increases year by year. The processing of crop straw once has been the most difficult problem of new rural construction. Discarding, abandoning and burning of straw not only waste the resources, pollute the environment, but also lead to a series of social problems. As a result, turning the waste straw and sawdust into wealth is proposed and sawdust pellet mill comes into use by more and more people...