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What is the lubrication requirement of emergency bearing in wood pellet mill

Lubrication of the internal equipment is an indispensable part of the whole production process when we use the wood pellet mill. The wood pellet mill can not work normally when lacking of lubricating oil, because the working pressure of wood pellet mill is very large during operation and a large amount of heat would be produced due to the friction between the raw materials at the time of making wood pellets, which leads to high temperature and deformation of the equipment. Then, what is the lubrication requirement for the emergency bearing of wood pellet mill:

lubrication of wood pellet mill

Generally, the raw material used in the wood pellet mill is from the nature, including eucalyptus wood, birch, poplar, fruit trees, wood, branches, etc. Wood pellet mill can effectively solve the problem of granulating with crude fiber raw material. The die of high quality for all kinds of pellet machine can also be customized so that the service life of equipment can be extended, and it can also improve the quality of the pellets and reduce excessive consumption of raw materials.

1. To lubricate the roller of the equipment at least once every four hours of continuous operation.
It is also recommended to give a small amount of lubrication per hour of operation (add butter to the roller at the end of each process to prevent material from entering). The butter in the roller shrinks when it cools and eventually pulls the material into the bearing.
2. Lubricate the bearing of main shaft in wood pellet mill every 8 hours.
3. Change the oil of gear box after the wood pellet mill working for 2,000 hours or every six months.
4. Check the oil level of the feeding device in time every week and add a little oil to the chain drive of the roller.
5. Add the lubricating oil once every month on the bearing of the conditioner and feeder shaft of the wood pellet mill.
6. Pay attention to lubricate the cutting tool rack of the wood pellet mill every day, and to make it easier to operate, it is suggested to lubricate by hand.

When using the wood pellet mill in the production, users should pay attention to the operation of wood pellet mill and avoid excessive damage to equipment. In the operation of wood pellet mill, the roller presses the material into the die holes forcefully, while there is no smooth and auxiliary materials in this process, which would intensify the wear of the die...