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Product of biomass pellet machine used as alternative energy

The development trends of the future industry are ecological, pleasant, intelligent and digital. As the professional biomass pellet machine manufacturer, we have been focused on scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the way of environmental protection and energy saving. Our company attaches great importance to technological innovation and the development of independent intellectual property rights technology and production of high efficiency and low energy consumption biomass pellet machine equipment. Everybody is responsible for protecting the environment, the development direction of enterprises must be environmental protection and energy saving in the future.

pellet fuel and biomass pellet machine
Biomass energy produced by biomass pellet machine gets policy support of the government and recognition of consumers with its features of clean, environmental protection and free from contamination. New clean energy such as water, wind, biomass energy have entered human's life. Below are the advantages of biomass energy and its development trend.

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Biomass energy originated from abroad since the last century, and later the biomass energy equipment was introduced and widely used in domestic within decades of time. Biomass energy has extensive sources in China and the government has spared no effort in the development and utilization of biomass energy, thus the development of biomass energy is fast. The cost of biomass energy is low and crop straw source is rich in rural areas of China with full production and low prices. Besides, the storage and transportation of biomass energy are convenient, since it mainly exist in solid or crumby structure, convenient for storage and transportation. No additives or adhesives are used in raw material compression and molding at room temperature, which saves the production cost. Biomass fuel produced by biomass pellet machine is mainly used for heating, power generation with high calorific value. There is less ash residue after burning, thus the processing is convenient.
Now, the country is actively looking for the alternative to fossil fuels, biomass fuel produced by pellet machine can be the representative of new energy replacing the old energy because of its lower pollution. The carbon dioxide produced can be recycled into the atmosphere, absorbed by green vegetation and converted into oxygen. There are different levels of air pollution in major cities of China, there is still a long way to seek alternative sources of energy. 


In the production process of mechanical equipment, the operator would encounter all sorts of problems. Of course, biomass pellet machine is no exception. A customer called this morning, consulting about the noise of biomass pellet machine in the production process...