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Requirements on bearing lubrication of sawdust pellet mill

When we use the sawdust pellet mill, the internal lubrication system of the equipment is an indispensable part of the whole production line. If the operation of sawdust pellet mill is short of the lubricating oil, then it can't operate normally. Because the pressure in the working of sawdust pellet mill is very large, the friction between the raw material would produce a large amount of heat when making pellets, which may lead to high temperature and deformation of the equipment. The following are the requirements on bearing lubrication of sawdust pellet mill in the production:

lubrication of sawdust pellet mill
1. In every 4 hours of continuous running of the sawdust pellet mill, the roller of equipment should be lubricated at least once. It is also suggested that a small amount of lubrication should be given when running every 1 hour (add grease to the roller at the end of each process - prevent any material into it. Grease in the roller will shrink when cooling, eventually pull materials into the bearing).
2. The main shaft bearing of sawdust pellet mill should be lubricated every 8 hours.
3. Change the gear oil when the sawdust pellet mill works for 2000 hours or every six months.
4. Check the oil level of feeder gearing every week on time and add a little oil to roller chain transmission.
5. Lubricating the container and bearing of feeder shaft every month.
Sawdust pellet mill produced by our company takes eucalyptus wood, birch, poplar, fruit wood, branches as the raw materials for making pellets. It can effectively solve the problem of pelleting with crude fiber raw material. The high-quality die customized for all kinds of pellet machine can prolong the service life of sawdust pellet mill, and also improve the quality of pellets and reduce the excessive consumption of raw materials.


In the operation of the ring die pellet mill, if the operator find that the electric current is too large and the temperature of pelleting chamber is too high, then he should check whether the roller clearance changes or not and whether the clearance between the roller and ring die increases...