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The difference of straw pellet machine and straw briquette machine

With implementation of low carbon environmental protection policy, the biomass energy industry develops in a rapid speed and the equipment used for making biomass energy are also constantly upgrading. Straw pellet machine and straw briquette machine are among them. The following are the difference of the two biomass equipment.

straw pellet machine and straw briquette machine

The origin of straw pellet machine and straw briquette machine are almost the same. The straw pellet machine can be traced back to the pellet machine for making feed. Later, the biomass energy industry developed and gradually broke away from the feed industry. But now we can see a great deal of feed pellet machine clearly in some straw pellet machines. Some manufacturers with the development of relatively backward still use straw feed pellet machine for making straw fuel, such as the common flat die pellet machine of straw. It doesn’t mean that the flat die pellet machine can not be used. But mass production still need to rely on centrifugal efficient pellet machine.

Straw briquette machine is similar with straw coal forming machine. There are similarities and also differences in the structure principle with pellet machine. Straw briquette machine itself has different structures. One is remoulded on the basis of flat die pellet machine. It is similar to the flat die pellet machine, but the aperture of die is much bigger. Another kind is ram type briquette machine, the structure of which is quite different. It can be used for making long chunk.

The difference is very obvious from the point of the shape of the finished product. Straw briquette machine can produce the chunk of 10cm in diameter with the shape of cylinder, square, etc. While the “ability” of straw pellet machine is limited, it can only produce rodlike pellet of around 8mm just like cigarettes.

With the use and comparison of this two machines, the straw pellet machine is a relatively good choice. Straw pellets can be burned sufficiently due to the smaller volume. Due to the features of high efficiency and energy saving, straw pellet machine is favored by the masses of users.


Straw pellets can be used as an alternative heating fuel to oil and gas when being burnt in the biomass boiler. As a kind of biomass fuel, straw pellets contain a relatively high amount of volatile ingredients, which makes it burning effectively. Straw pellet machine is often used to produce straw pellets...