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Why is wood pellet machine so popular?

Why is the wood pellet machine so popular? Because the pellet fuel produced by wood pellet machine belongs to the biomass and renewable energy. The recycling of biomass energy has been vigorously promoted by the nation in recent years, which is environmental protection and make the economy cycle at the same time. The wood pellets produced can be used to replace coal, which can improve the shortage of coal resources.

wood pellet machine

The application of wood pellet machine is wide with less space occupation, which can be applied in both large and medium-sized cities and rural areas. There is also a wide range of raw materials, not only the waste of agroforestry can be processed into biomass pellet fuel, the slag and smoke residues can also be processed into pellet fuel. Wood pellet machine has low energy consumption, which can save costs for the enterprise, and it has high efficiency and the operation and maintenance are quite simple without shutdown. Thus, it can bring more benefit for the enterprise. There is a dust removal system inside the machine, which produces no smoke or sewage during the production.

Wood pellet produced by wood pellet machine has large density, very big, which is easy to store and convenient to transport. It has been widely used in boiler, biomass power plants and many other industries. Besides, wood pellets contain no sulfur or phosphorus, thus it does not produce carbon dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide when burning, avoid polluting the air and ecological environment. (Get to know how to make wood pellets)

What’s more, wood pellet machine can make the waste resources of agriculture and forestry reused and make farmers have extra income. The pellet fuel produced can not only replace the coal, the burning ash can also be re-utilized as fertilizer. That’s why the wood pellet machine is so popular.

When making wood pellets with wood pellet machine, the first thing to notice is to check the machine to see if the machine is running properly and running normally. Be sure to check the inlet and the granulation chamber before starting up. If there is any foreign matter, clean it in time...