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Homemade pellet mill

Homemade pellet mill is also called small pellet mill and flat die pellet press, which are special equipment for compress sawdust and other biomass material into pellet, especially for materials which are difficult to bonding and molding. Our products have been exported to American, German, Russian, Brazil and other 50 countries. Welcome to investigate our company and welcome criticism from all quarters, we would like to provide better service to you!

1. Electric motor-driven biomass small pellet mill

Electric motor-driven homemade pellet mill

2. CE series homemade pellet mill

CE series homemade pellet mill

3. Diesel Engine-driven biomass small pellet mill machine
Diesel Engine-driven homemade pellet mill

Features of homemade pellet mill
1.Wide suitability of materials, like sawdust, leaf, straw and other biomass materials.
2.Stable performance, high output and low power consumption. Simple maintaining, low failure rate, easy operation.
3.The machine is casting as an integer with firm structure and long life span, motor-driven pellet mill or diesel engine-driven pellet machine are available for choosing according to clients requirements.
4.High temperature heat treatment of flat die and compressing rollers, lower cost of high resistance spare parts.
5.High ratio of molding and high density of pellets.
6.Diameter of pellet are ranged fromΦ6—Φ12, according to customers requirements.

Attentions of operation
1.The operators should read the instructions carefully and have good understanding of the character of the homemade pellet mill, structure and application method. Stall and debug, use and maintain the pellet mill according to regulations.
2.Before connect the power supply, examine the ground cable is fine or not at first. Connect to the power of the machine and start the pellet mill are serious prohibited before connected the ground cable.
3.Don’t inspect or replace the spare parts with the live cables, or the operators can get a shock or injured.
4.Be sure to stop the pellet mill when the service man maintain the pellet mill, and cut off all the electricity supply and hang on the warning sign, to prevent human error accident from unexpected operation of machine.
5.Special lubricant should be added into the bearing of compression rollers of the pellet mill after every 12 hours of the operation of the pellet mill. 6.Please do cut off the electricity when rotating the compression rollers by hand. Please do not touch the rotating compression rollers and flat die by hand or other objects.
7.The clearance between the compression rollers and the flat die should below 10.mm, too small the clearance give rise to over wear resistance between compression rollers and flat die, even the damage of the whole pellet mill.
8.When the temperature of the homemade pellet mill is below 10℃, the lubricant of the pellet mill are easy to freeze. Please warm the sawdust pellet mill to 10℃ and start the machine.

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