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How to test the pellet

What we should do to test the pellet which produced by the pellet mill is standard or not. You can look up certain details from surface, but you can’t understand the root cause. Then how to test? There are two ways of testing the quality of the pellets below. Let’s have a try.
Biomass Pellet Mill
Please take a container which could hold one-little water at least, and weight the container. Please fill the container with pellets and weight up. Then subtract the net weight of the container. Then weight of pellets divide weight of water. Result of qualified pellet should between 0.6 to 0.7kg per liter. The number is considered as specific gravity. It’s an very important parameter that indicates the pressure is appropriate or not during the process. The parameter of unqualified pellets is below 0.6 and those pellets are easy to break or crush and become powder.
Moisture of standard pellets is below 10% with high density from a mechanics point of view. The simple method of testing the quality is put the pellets in a cup of water. It proved its adequate high density and pellet suffer form enough stress if pellet sink into the water. Nevertheless, the contrary situation proved its low density and poor quality if pellets float on the surface.  From the mechanics point of view, they are low durability and easy to crush into powder.  
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If you have many waste thing like grass, sawdust, wood log or any other organic materials, you don’t know how to deal with it or just through them away directly before. But it still needs to pay for money and energy for that process. Also it is big waster for materials. Then how about make pellet by yourself with a pellet mill?