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The reason for large noise in the production of biomass pellet machine

All sorts of problems would appear in the process of production when using biomass pellet machine. Large noise is one of common problems in the the production process. Although it is a small problem, we can not ignore it. Otherwise, it would affect other components and delay the production. What are the reasons for the noise in the production of biomass pellet machine? What's the solution for that?

noise in biomass pellet machine production

1. Reason: it may be that the delivery of biomass raw material is unstable.
Solution: the feeding speed can be adjusted and then observe the condition.
2. Reason: the deflection scrapper of biomass pellet machine wear so that the feeding of the raw material is not uniform.
Solution: new scraper should be used.
3. Reason: old and new ring die and roller of biomass pellet machine are used together.
Solution: it is better to choose the new ring die with new roller in actual production.
4. Reasons: the gap between the ring die and the roller is incompatible with the raw material.
Solution: adjust the clearance of roller in time.
5. Reason: the roller of biomass pellet machine wears and damages.
Solution: replace the roller.
6. Reason: the formulation for making wood pellets is difficult to make pellets.
Solution: the formula can be adjusted appropriately to eliminate the influence.
7. Reason: the steam supply of biomass pellet machine is insufficient or the pressure changes.
Solution: check whether the steam pipeline, system pressure and pressure relief valve are normal.
8. Reason: there are impurities in the pelleting bin.
Solution: remove the impurities before making pellets.
9. Reason: the bearing of mainshaft is worn or damaged.
Solution: the bearing should be replaced when necessary.

Biomass pellet machine, just as its name implies, is the environmental protection mechanical equipment for production of biomass pellet fuel. The biomass pellet fuel is mainly used as a substitute for the combustion of coal...