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How to improve the die life of wood pellet mill?

The die of wood pellet mill would be damaged in the process of processing, which may affect normal production after using for a long time, and the output would be greatly reduced or the wood pellets can not be formed. Then, how to improve the die life of the wood pellet mill?

ring die and wood pellet mill

1. Grinding of die.
Full grinding of die should be made no matter for new wood pellet mill or the new die. The common grinding method is to put the sawdust and fine river sand mixing material in the machine, and adjusting the clearance between the roller and die into 0.1-0.4mm before feeding. After repeated extrusion for 30 to 50 minutes, normal production can be started.
2. Regular cleaning.
In the normal production of wood pellet mill, the ring die had better be cleaned by gasoline or diesel every two weeks. Extrude the remaining material and inject the lubricating oil.
3. Pay attention to impurities.
During the working period, you should pay attention whether the material is mixed with rocks or iron filings so as not to damage the die of wood pellet mill during operation.
4. Regular maintenance.
Check the equipment regularly and tighten the screws in time. If the die becomes uneven after long working hours, repair or replace the die in time.
5. Preheating in winter.
Because of the cold weather in winter, the stability of the equipment is relatively low, so the preheating time will be longer. When the temperature of the die reaches the requirements, then start the production.
6. Storage environment.
The unused die should be kept in a dry and clean place to avoid corrosion, reducing the service life of die.

To sum up, correct use and reasonable and effective maintenance can prolong the service life of the die and give full play to the performance of the wood pellet mill, thereby reducing the costs, improving the efficiency of making wood pellets and granulating quality and creating more economic benefits for the enterprise.

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