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How to make biomass pellets?

Biomass pellet, as the new biomass energy, are comparable to coal and gradually popular in the world. You must be curious about how to make biomass pellets, today we will explain the production process of biomass pellets.

biomass pellet machine

The raw materials for making biomass pellets are wide: crop stalks, peanut shells, fruit shells, grass, wood chips, branches, leaves, waste of wood processing plants are good materials for granulation. The production of biomass pellets is impossible to complete with a single device, which requires a complete set of equipment, including wood crusher, dryer and biomass pellet machine. If the output is large, we also need the conveyor, cooler and packaging machine.

1. The raw material shall be crushed, and the size of the raw material after crushing shall be less than 5mm. Ensure that the size of the material cannot exceed the diameter of the pellet and the size of the die hole. Otherwise, it will affect the production of the biomass pellets.
2. Dry the raw material, and the moisture content is required to be 8-15%. Too much or too little water would affect the forming rate of the pellets produced. You can buy a humidity test instrument, which is cheap and easy to use.
3. After the raw material is processed, it is the granulation stage. There are two kinds of pellet machine, one is the flat die pellet machine and the other is the ring die pellet machine. The flat die pellet machine is suitable for pressing materials with strong adhesion, such as crop straws. And the ring die pellet machine has strong pressure and suitable to process the material with poor adhesion, such as wood chip and so on. No matter what kind of pellet machine, it is worth noting that the feeding speed must be uniform, and excessive feeding speed would affect the production.
4. The temperature of pellets is high after producing. Do not blow the pellets with cold wind, otherwise it would be easy to crack. The best way is to cool it on its own. If the output is too large, it needs to be cooled by a cooling machine, which cools quickly and ensures that the pellets are sold in good condition.
5. The last step is packing. If the pellet is used by yourself, it can be collected directly after cooling, without the need for packaging. If it's for sale, we'll weigh and pack it with the packing machine.

Biomass pellet machine, just as its name implies, is the environmental protection mechanical equipment for production of biomass pellet fuel. The biomass pellet fuel is mainly used as a substitute for the combustion of coal...