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Easily blocked parts of biomass pellet machine should be cleaned regularly

Nowadays, the use of biomass pellet machine has become more and more widespread, and biomass pellet fuel has brought real benefits to people. However, some parts of the biomass pellet machine are easily blocked in daily production, which affects the normal production, so we need to regularly clean up the easy plugging parts of the biomass pellet machine. The screen, feeder and die on homemade wood pellet machine are the easily blocked parts that should be cleaned up after the regular production time.

cleaning of biomass pellet machine

1. Cleaning of the screen.
Each biomass pellet machine has a filter screen, which is used to filter the material and makes the material processing more pure. It is the main guarantee for producing high-quality pellets. That's why, after a long period of use and work, the screen would become extremely congested. Therefore, we should clean up the screen regularly.

2. Cleaning of the feeder.
The feeder of homemade wood pellet machine is the main premise of finishing the granule processing operation. Pellet crushing and processing can not be completed without the feeding channel. If the specification of the material is too large, there will be serious congestion phenomenon, led to a decline in feeding speed. Therefore, daily cleaning of the feeder is the basic guarantee for the normal and efficient operation of the biomass pellet machine.

3. Cleaning of the die.
The die of biomass pellet machine decides the diameter of pellets. When the die is controlling the particle size, it will exert great pressure on the material to promote the final forming of the pellets. Due to the constant extrusion of materials, it is inevitable that there will be residual materials, and the die would be blocked after long term processing. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the die and ensure the normal production of the biomass pellet machine.

It is well known that the die is one of the important parts in biomass pellet machine. Due to the harsh working conditions of die, especially when processing materials with large hardness and friction coefficient, the requirement on the strong toughness and wear resistance of the material of die is higher...