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What are the reasons for different length of biomass pellets?

In the production process of biomass pellet machine, there would be different problems, including different length of biomass pellets. Then, what are the reasons for the difference in particle size of biomass pellets and how to solve it? In this case, the most common reason is that there is something wrong with the cutter. Generally, there are two cases: one is that the cutter is too blunt, the other is that the length of the cutter is different.

biomass pellet machine production

1. The cutter is too blunt.
The more sharp the knife, the more smooth the pellet cut will be, and the length of biomass pellet will be even. Because of long time production, the cutter would become blunt due to the friction between the material and the cutter, which would seriously affect the appearance of the pellets. At this time, we need to replace the cutter timely so as not to cause more economic loss.

2. The length of the cutter is different.
A biomass pellet machine have more than one cutter, and the function of the cutter is to be responsible for the cutting of pellets. If the lengths of these cutters are different, the pellets after cutting would not be the same. In this case, we should adjust the length of the cutter in time.

Above is the analysis of the reasons for different length of biomass pellets. As the saying goes “sharp tools make good work”. Good accessories are the guarantee of high quality production. As professional biomass pellet machine manufacturer, we provide all kinds of homemade wood pellet machine and accessories of factory price. The cutter produced by our company are made from special steel with advanced design, wear-resisting and long service life. Welcome to contact us by emails to get more information about our products.

Biomass pellet machine, just as its name implies, is the environmental protection mechanical equipment for production of biomass pellet fuel. The biomass pellet fuel is mainly used as a substitute for the combustion of coal...