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What should be aware of when using wood pellet machine?

What should be aware of when using the wood pellet machine in the production? This is a problem that many enterprises want to know.

wood pellet machine

1. When making wood pellets with wood pellet machine, the first thing to notice is to check the machine to see if the machine is running properly and running normally. Be sure to check the inlet and the granulation chamber before starting up. If there is any foreign matter, clean it in time.
2. In the workshop of the wood pellet machine, it must be noted that it is not allowed to smoke, because the wood pellets produced are flammable. There would be fire hazard with a moment of inattention. Make sure you pay special attention of it.
3. Pay attention whether the motor is normal, the parameters are consistent, and the original thermoelectric components must be adjusted correctly.
4. Check the tensioning of the triangular belt. It should not slip in full load condition. In the process of production, it should be adjusted with the extension of the belt at any time.
5. In the process of production, if no finished product can be discharged from the wood pellet machine, we should stop and check the machine immediately.
6. The crushing and drying must conform to the requirements of raw materials in the process of production. Raw materials can't be too large and its moisture content should be 8% to 12%. It can neither too wet nor too dry, or it cannot be used for granulating.

Above are the points that users should pay attention to when using the wood pellet machine. To get more information about our small pellet plant, customers can contact us by emails.

Wood pellet machine can be used in many industries, such as the furniture factory. As we know, the furniture factory would produce lots of waste wood and wood blocks in the production process, which would be thrown away or burnt before that would cause great waste...