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Assembling and dissembling process of ring die in wood pellet mill

Disassembling process of bolt connection ring die 
1. Open the door of wood pellet mill after powering off and stop the machine, release the clearance of the roller and clean up the ring die inside.
2. When dissembling the ring die on hot wood pellet mill, the operator should wear the work gloves to prevent burns.
3. Unscrew the bolts on ring die cover, then dismount the ring die cover.
4. Open the side door of wood pellet mill, loosen the bolts by the socket wrench respectively.
5. Take down the ring die by at least 2 people with the lifting device.
6. After cleaning the ring die, put it in the spare area of ring die.

ring die in wood pellet mill
Installation process of bolt connection ring die
1. The connection mode of ring die and the main shaft relies on the bolt to tighten up the spindle disc and ring die with tight fit of full load, so the key of installation is to make each bolt has uniform stress and there cannot be any loose phenomenon. At the same time, the axis of ring die and the spindle line should be concentric. If there are broken bolts, they must be removed before installation.
2. Check the inner surface of the ring die and the wearing ring on bolt hole and spindle disc and ensure that they should be qualified before installation.
3. Life the ring die with ring die lifting device and fit with the disc, pay attention to the position of the locating pin.
4. Install the bolt from the side in the depth of a third, then tighten the bolt symmetrically and gradually.
5. Check the surface of the ring die with a dial indicator and the end face run-out cannot exceed 0.15-0.2mm when rotating the ring die. At the same time, adjust the corresponding bolt until it meets the requirements.
6. Tighten all the bolts with the torque wrench symmetrically.
7. Adjust the clearance of the roller and ring die and connect the cover with bolts.


Wood pellet mill is one of the main products of our company, and ring die is the core component of wood pellet mill and also one of the vulnerable parts. Then, when should the ring die of wood pellet mill be replaced...