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How to judge the quality of sawdust pellets?

Everyone knows that the pellet fuel produced by the sawdust has high quantity of heat and good selling price. Then, what kind of sawdust pellets are better?

sawdust pellets and biomass pellet machine

There are many types of sawdust, the main distinction is hardwood or softwood and the variety of sawdust would affect its heat value. Generally, the moisture content of sawdust for making pellets is 10%-18 %.
Hardwood generally has high density, such as birch, beech wood, poplar, yew, hard maple, elm, etc. Usually, it has low moisture content, which can burn longer than softwood.
Softwood is usually gymnosperms, such as pine, redwood, cedar, fir, spruce and so on. In contrast to the hardwood, softwood pellet burns more fully. Thus, both of the two raw materials have their own advantages.

In the actual production, the moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled at about 10-15% before being pressed by biomass pellet machine. And in the process of making sawdust pellets, heat and pressure change the structure and density of the raw materials, so the combustion values of hardwood and softwood of the same weight are equal.
Contrast between hardwood pellets and softwood pellets
Although some people believe that the ash produced by hardwood pellets would be less than softwood pellets after burning and they are more environmentally friendly. But the truth is that the ash content depends on the cleanliness of the sawdust pellets rather than the cleanliness of the raw materials. According to the statistics, some hardwood has more ash. In addition, the cleanliness of raw materials and the quality of the sawdust pellets also affect the ash content. In fact, the quality of the biomass pellet machine can truly decide the quality of sawdust pellets. The high quality raw materials can be made into qualified sawdust pellets if being processed with a qualified biomass pellet machine.
In short, the quality of sawdust pellets is not determined by the raw materials. Biomass pellet machine of good quality can be used to produce high quality pellets no matter using hardwood or softwood.

In the operation of sawdust pellet machine, some customers complained that the sawdust pellet machine can only the powders rather than pellets. Then, what is the reason for this phenomenon and how to solve it? We would explain it in the following content...