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The adjustment of ring die in pellet machine

Ring die of pellet machine plays an important role in pellet production. It determines the shape of pellets. All kinds of conditions may appear in the production of pellet machine. The following is an introduction of adjustment of ring die in pellet machine.

ring die in pellet machine

1. The adjustment of ring die in pellet machine should follow several simple rules, which can extend the life of the die and achieve the maximum productivity. Do not strike the ring die with a hammer or drop on the hard surface. Use a plastic hammer or a head block if the mounting pressure requires. Press the die to the main shaft with the key and fix it with the die holder. For proper installation, it is important to maintain a clean surface for the die and spindle. Always use the die holder to firmly hold the die firmly. The worn die holder or axle pad will not fit and operate properly. If the axle pad damages, it should be replaced timely.
2. When installing the new die, check the die holder with the measuring instrument. It is shipped with the new die. Magnets, cutting knives and other cleaning devices are extremely important to die life.
3. Regularly clean and check the device of pellet machine to ensure that they continuously remove metals and other substances from incoming materials. It is advisable to check the ring die regularly due to the foreign impurity. The iron filings embedded in the die should be removed from the punch holes or perforated holes. Since the die hole is carefully processed and highly polished, the surface of the die hole must be maintained if the maximum production capacity is to be maintained. The die should be filled with oil mixture if the pellet machine is to stop for more than half an hour or change the die. When the die is removed from the pellet machine, store it in a dry area. The new die should also be stored in a dry place to avoid rust.

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