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What are the conditions for full combustion of biomass pellets?

Sometime, the combustion of biomass pellets, which have smooth surface, large dense and no crack, is not sufficient. What is the reason for that? How can we make biomass pellets produced by pellet machine burn fully? What are the conditions for the full combustion of biomass pellets?

pellet machine and biomass pellets

1. High enough temperature: there should be enough temperature to ensure the heat needed to catch fire and effective burning speed. The ignition point of biomass pellet fuel is about 250℃. In the process of ignition, heat accumulates gradually to make more fuel participate in the reaction and the temperature also increases. When the temperature is above 800℃, the biomass pellets can burn well. 
2. Suitable air quantity: if the air quantity is too little, the combustible component cannot be fully burnt, which would result in incomplete combustion loss. However, if the air volume is too much, it will reduce the temperature of the combustion chamber and affect the degree of total combustion. In addition, it would lead to a large amount of smoke gas and reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
3.Sufficient combustion time: fuel combustion has a certain speed to achieve maximum combustion, so that the combustion takes a certain amount of time. The biggest problem of combustion adjustment is to keep the time of burning in the furnace as long as possible, and full combustion can be ensured with enough combustion time.
4. Timely mixing of oxygen content: primary air is enough to blow, penetrate and stir the fuel; secondary air should be strong and fast into the fuel. It can not lack of oxygen in the center of the most violent combustion. Keep sufficient oxygen in the burning out area of upper chamber of a stove or furnace (turn up the upper secondary air as far as possible with the boundary of non overtemperature of third stage superheater).

In the combustion process, biomass pellets can be fully burned as long as these four points are met. Sometimes when we encounter a problem, don't simply think of it as the problem of the pellet machine or biomass pellets. We should analyze from our own situation. Only multiaspect inspection can solve the problem.

Many users only care about the production value of pellet machine when choosing and buying it. While the output of pellet machine cannot be seen as the only standard to select the pellet machine. As the saying goes: what's suitable is the best...