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The installation process of biomass pellet machine

The installation of biomass pellet machine is simple as long as you know some mechanical principles and understand the installation instructions. But the details of the various parts of the installation are rarely noticed, and in the following content we would talk about the details in the installation of biomass pellet machine.

biomass pellet machine

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1. Lubrication of parts
There are many parts that need lubrication in the biomass pellet machine: spindle bearing, roller bearing, conditioner, feeder, etc. The lubrication of these parts is directly related to the service life and output of the equipment. Therefore, lubrication of these parts should be made first after installation and make regular lubrication in the production process. Of course, according to different temperatures, the lubricating oil used in lubrication is also different. Generally, lubricating oil with viscosity value of 325 is used in winter, and the rest of the season uses lubricating oil with viscosity value of 280. For specific choice of lubricating oil, you can consult the pellet machine manufacturers.

2. Bearing clearance
The clearance of the bearing is generally 120 ~ 160um. If the clearance is too large and exceeds 1mm, it will cause the vibration of biomass pellet machine and wear of the bearing. Therefore, if the equipment vibration increases and the noise exceeds the normal range, the equipment should be turned off and adjusted the bearing clearance immediately, and the new bearing should be replaced if the wear is too serious.

3. Installation of roller
The clearance of the roller and ring die should be less than 0.2mm. There should be no friction when idling. If there is any noise, stop the machine immediately so as not to wear down the roller and reduce its service life.

4. The position of the scraper
There are three scraper on the front board of pellet machine. The size of the three scrapers are different. Thus, the position of installation is exquisite. Facing the front plate, install the large, small and middle scraper in the clockwise direction from the clock direction of half past five. There are three scrapers on the main shaft plate, above are two scrapers of the same size, the bottom is a long deflector scraper.

The installation process of biomass pellet machine is simple, but details should be noticed. Only by paying attention to the above four details can we extend the service life of the equipment.

Biomass pellet machine, just as its name implies, is the environmental protection mechanical equipment for production of biomass pellet fuel. The biomass pellet fuel is mainly used as a substitute for the combustion of coal...