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Precautions for the use of biomass pellet machine

Safety is above all else in the production. Then, how can we achieve safe production when using biomass pellet machine? it is critical to check the machine before starting the production, and the following are the precautions for the use of biomass pellet machine.

precautions for using biomass pellet machine

1. Before starting the pellet machine, workers should wear work clothes and masks. Don't wear too loose clothing. Otherwise, it would be inconvenient when operating the machine.
2. Operators should be familiar with the working principle of the biomass pellet machine and the structure and function of each part, and the safety markers should be kept in mind.
3. Check the pellet machine before starting. If the machine fails, repair it in time and do not turn on the production.
4. Check the machine after starting to ensure that the machine can operate normally and the incoming material can be produced normally. Stop the machine in time if it breaks down after starting and repair it timely.
5. In the biomass pellets manufacturing process, if the machine appears anything abnormal, it should be shut down in time, cut off the power and make repairs to avoid accidents.
6. At the time of production, it is necessary to pay close attention whether the roller shaft is full of lubricants, and lubricate timely in order to avoid burnout.
7. Wear gloves when adjusting the length of pellets to avoid heat vapor from the mouth of the material, causing burns.

Above are the matters needing attention in the use of biomass pellet machine. If you have any other problems in the operation of biomass pellet machine, please contact us. We are always willing to service for you.

The use and maintenance of the roller in biomass pellet machine is an important factor that would affect the service life of the ring die as well as the normal production, so when in use of the roller, proper operation in each link is quite important...