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Reasons and solutions for the cracking of ring die in wood pellet mill

Incorrect use and operating method is easy to lead to the cracking of ring die in wood pellet mill, which would affect the normal production as well. The following are the causes and solution of ring die cracking.

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(1) If there are light points on the working face of the hoop and the driving wheel has wear track, the ring die is cracked by wearing or deforming of the hoop.
Solution: the hoop must be changed in time.
(2) The ring die is cracked because of the surface abrasion of the transmission wheel and looseness of the fitting surface of the die and roller.
Solution: it is necessary to replace or repair the transmission wheel in time, or increase the fit dimensional tolerance of fitting surface of the ring die.
(3) Wear or distortion of the die liner.
Solution: check and replace the die liner in time.
(4) The driving key wears.
Solution: measure the gap between key and keyway periodically, and change the driving key in time.
(5) The bearing of main shaft damages that causes the main shaft bounces and the ring die cracks.
Solution: replace the bearing of main shaft in time.
(6) The spring elasticity of the butterfly spring is not tight that the main shaft waggles and the ring die is cracked.
Solution: add or replace butterfly springs.
(7) The ring die is cracked due to improper safety pin and safety pin seat that causes excessive load.
Solution: proper security pin must be used.
(8) The effect of the iron removal device get worse that there is indentation of metal object on the working face of the ring die, which causes the crack of ring die.
Solution: check and clean the iron removal equipment in time.
(9) The roller has not been installed in place, which lead to the relative deviation of the roller and ring die shaft to the workspace.
Solution: install the roller assembly properly.
(10) The ring die is cracked by hard contact of the ring die and roller because of too small clearance between the ring die and the roller.
Solution: the reasonable clearance is between 0.1mm ~ 0.3mm and the new die should be fitted with the new roller.
(11) Due to the increase of fiber material and feed scraper is not installed.
Solution: install a new scraper.

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