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How to deal with the roller of flat die pellet machine after wearing?

When the roller of flat die pellet machine is worn down, it would affect the normal production of the pellet plant. In addition to the daily maintenance, how to repair the roller after the roller is worn out? Generally, it can be divided into two conditions, one is severe wear that the roller must be replaced; the other is slight wear and the roller can be repaired.

flat die pellet machine

Roller of severe wear
When the roller is worn seriously and can no longer be used, it must be replaced. There is no way to repair it.

Roller of slight wear
1. Check the tightness of the roller. If the roller is too tight, it would accelerate its wear. Then, you need to loose the roller appropriately.
2. Check the swing float of the main shaft, and the swing of the main shaft must be kept in balance. The problem can be effectively solved by adjusting the clearance of the bearing.
3. Check whether the die and roller are matched, and adjust it if not match.
4. Check the material segregation knife of the equipment. If it is broken, the material segregation would not be uniform, and it would lead to the wear of the roller. It can be solved by adjusting or replacing the material segregation knife.
5. Check the ring die of pellet machine. If it is the newly configured roller is used with an old ring die, it may be that the middle of old ring die has worn out, and the ring die needs to be replaced.
6. Check the feeding knife, adjust the angle and tightness of the feeding knife, and there should be no friction in the process of making wood pellets.
7. Check the raw materials, which can not contain rocks, iron or other hard objects, otherwise it would not only wear the roller, but also damage the cutting knife.

Pellet mill has two main models: flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Both of them have their own advantages in making biomass pellet. But there is a kind of vertical ring die pellet machine, which would not be introduced here...