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Analysis of the application of wood pellets

Wood pellets produced by wood pellet machine are economical with low cost, high calorific value, clean, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. More importantly, they have no pollution to the environment. Wood pellets are smokeless and tasteless when burning. The sulfur content, ash

wood pellets and wood pellet machine

content and nitrogen content of wood pellets produced by wood pellet machine are far lower than coal, petroleum, etc. Wood pellets produced by wood pellet machine can be used as the boiler fuel, they can also be used to generate electricity. In addition to be used as high grade environmental protection fuel for replacing the conventional fossil fuel, wood pellets also have many other new uses, for example as, it can be used as the flower soil to loose the soil and add organic matter in the soil. When planting flowers, you can mix a little wood pellets in the soil. After a period of time, there would be fungus growing on the wood pellets symbiotic with the root of flower, which would make the flower grow well and also increase soil humus, equivalent to flower fertilizer. But the wood pellets should be used as flower fertilizer after fermentation. To make the wood pellets fermented, the wood pellets should be mixed with loess with the proportion of one-to-one. It would be better to add some vegetable leaf, fish innards or rotten eggs, and then mixed with just the right amount of water and cover tightly with plastic film in a warm place. It can be used for growing flowers after a month. This is a kind of pure green and harmless flower fertilizer.
Wood pellets can not only be used as the flower fertilizer to plant flowers, it can also make the soil loose and improve the permeability conditions of soil. When the wood pellets decayed, it can increase the organic matter in the soil. A little amount of pure wood pellets can be added to increase soil permeability.
Using wood pellet machine can making wood pellets of good quality and bring good soil for the flowers and plants. In addition to be used for making activated carbon, bakelite powder and particleboard, wood pellets can also be used for producing alcohol, feed yeast or as the medium of mushroom. 


Wood pellet machine can be used in many industries, such as the furniture factory. As we know, the furniture factory would produce lots of waste wood and wood blocks in the production process, which would be thrown away or burnt before that would cause great waste...