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How to regulate the moisture content in the production of wood pellet machine

In the process of receiving customer inquiries, we found that many customers asked how to regulate the moisture content when making sawdust pellets and how much water you need to add when making biomass pellets? Actually, this is a cognitive error that people may think the process of making sawdust pellets or other pellets need to add water. In fact, it is not true.

wood pellet machine and sawdust pellets
The production of sawdust pellets with wood pellet machine is not required to add any water. The moisture control of the pellets is mainly controlled by the moisture of raw materials. The moisture content for raw materials is required to be 8-12%. Perfect pellets can be produced by achieving this requirement. So it does not need to add water during the production process. If the moisture content of the raw material is too large, it would affect the forming of sawdust pellets.
Imagine if the raw material did not meet the moisture content requirement in advance, and added water blindly during the granulation process can not guarantee the moisture content of the raw material in the process. If more water is added, the pellet is not easy to form and it would get fracture or loose as well. Adding less water is also not conducive to the forming of pellets. The raw material can not be easily squeezed together if it is too dry. Therefore, do not add water blindly when making pellets with wood pellet machine. Control the water of the raw material is the key.
How to determine whether the moisture content of raw material is suitable?
1. Generally speaking, moisture content of wood raw material can be judged by hand, because the hand is sensitive to water. You can grab a handful of wood raw material, hold it crumpled up and feeling wet, cool, and no water dripping at the same time. After loosing hand, the raw materials can be natural loose. Material with such moisture is most appropriate for pelleting.
2. Professional moisture meter can be used. Insert the moisture meter into the raw material. If it is shown in 8-12%, pelleting can be made safely.

What should be aware of when using the wood pellet machine in the production? This is a problem that many enterprises want to know. When making wood pellets with wood pellet machine, the first thing to notice is to check the machine to see if the machine is running properly and running normally...