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Why pellets produced by biomass pellet machine are not uniform?

In the process of pellet production with biomass pellet machine, various conditions such as non-forming, non-discharging and uneven particle size would appear. In the following content, we would analyze the reason why the particle size of sawdust pellets are not uniform. There are three main reasons for this:

biomass pellet machine

1. Insufficient motor power.
The operation of biomass pellet machine is driven by the motor. If the power of the motor is small and mismatching with the biomass pellet machine, then the power would not be stable in the working process. Thus, the machine can not produce sawdust pellets or pellets produced are uneven. (Get to know how to make wood pellets)
2. The cutting knife or gear goes wrong.
The size of sawdust pellets is mainly controlled by the cutting knife, which can cause uneven particle size if the length of the cutter is not consistent or the cutting edge is dull.
The other case is that the gear goes wrong. The cutter is driven by the gears. Once the gears are not working properly, the cutter can't cut the pellets properly.
3. Improper operation.
Improper operation of the operator can also result in uneven particle size of sawdust pellets. For example, the moisture of the raw material does not reach the required range or there is cold wind after forming. When problems arise, be sure to calm down. The moisture content of the material should be controlled at 8-15%. If there is no experience, the moisture sensor can be used to assist. Also, the newly formed pellets can't be blown immediately by cold air because of the high temperature, otherwise the pellet would crack easily. It is correct to allow them to cool themselves after forming.

Regardless of the problem of the biomass pellet machine in the production process, we need to analyze it calmly, find the cause and timely remedy it, so as to avoid the economic loss caused by the quality of sawdust pellets. If you have problems in the production, you can contact with us at any time.

The shaft of biomass pellet machine is associated with the concentricity of the pellet machine. If the concentricity is larger than 0.05 mm, it will affect the service life of biomass pellet machine. Besides, there will be big noise and badly worn of the main shaft...